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Rebranding of Gemba, a virtual reality learning platform.

Refonte de l’identité de Gemba, une plateforme de learning en realité virtuelle.

Client: Gemba
Gemba helped over 4000 companies drive change by delivering executive masterclasses in virtual reality in association with companies like Toyota, BMW, Lego, Porsche and G.E. Digital.

In 2021 during the pandemie, Gemba product took a turn. In order to reflect its new position, the whole identity of the company got reworked. With Oliver Vanes, Lead Creative, we designed a whole new branding for Gemba, using the orange dot as a root for our concept.

3D visuals: Hannah Bivand

Visuals have to adapt to real, digital and virtual world. Gemba identity is declined on many different mediums. From Masterclasses handbooks to bottle labels for VR, the company identity has to be versitile and flexible.

Some examples of internal branding for the offices, clients and VR world.

Tuesday Oct 5 2021